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400 Huntington Rd
Richmond, VT, 05477
United States

(802) 233 - 7925


Our Products

We currently process cream top whole milk and chocolate milk. Our cream top milk hasn't had the fat separated out of it, so it will be slightly richer then the whole milk in the store. Just like any commercial producer, we are required to test every batch of milk to ensure it is free of antibiotics. Our milk is processed less then 100 feet from our robot, so the longest journey it will take is from our farm to your fridge.

 You can pick it up right at the farm in our "Cash and Carry" Cooler.

 Our prices our comparable to the grocery store so that you can enjoy the quality of local without the cost. 

Our Chocolate milk is a family favorite.

We are in the process of perfecting our gelato recipe. Stay tuned!