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400 Huntington Rd
Richmond, VT, 05477
United States

(802) 233 - 7925


Our Farm

We consider our cows to be part of our family; therefore, we are providing them with the best life we can. Our barn is set up as a robotic free-stall, allowing our cows to have 24/7 access to food, water, rest and milking. The cows operate on their own schedules, enjoy the comfort of waterbeds, and a ventilation system that helps keep them warm in the winter, and cool, and bug free, in the summer months. We work very closely with our nutritionist to provide a balanced diet to keep our cows healthy. In the event that a cow does fall ill, we work closely with our veterinarian to treat the problem efficiently and effectively. Please ask us for a tour during pick-up, we would love to show you around!

Our History

Sumner and Peggy Farr first purchased Johnny Brooke Farm in 1951.  The Farrs expanded slowly, eventually milking nearly 500 cows at farms throughout Chittenden county.  In 1967, the barn caught fire. The new and current barn was built in 1968, where they kept 137 cows for milking. In the late 90s the farm transitioned to  Sumner and Peggy's son, Chuck, and Grandson, Ashley. Chuck and his wife Harriet and their son Ashley focused on downsizing and diversifying the farm with cropping and milking. In 2012 Ashley and his wife Erin took over the milking operation under the name Farr Farms. They milk 60 cows with a robotic milker and grow crops for their animals.  Chuck continues to grow and sell crops as well as run the Farr Family Machine Repair along side with Russell Murray.  Russell started with the Farrs in 1961 and has seen the farm transition throughout the years.